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Emergency Dentistry in Cedar Park, TX
Modern life goes by so fast that sometimes we forget about our health and the importance of timely prevention of dental and gum diseases. If we go for a long time without regular dental checkups, eventually, we are forced to go to the dentist for conditions linked to severe toothache.

It is imperative not to delay a visit to a dentist with acute pain, as the symptom may indicate pathologies that require surgery. Let's list what dental problems doctors consider to be those that need early professional assistance:
  • a fracture of the jaw;
  • broken, mobile, or knocked out tooth due to a fall, impact, accident, fight;
  • swelling of the gums and face;
  • severe inflammation due to flux, abscess, phlegmon, osteomyelitis;
  • abundant and long-term non-stop bleeding, for example, after tooth extraction and any other surgical manipulation or injury.
Some other alarming symptoms indicating the pathological process's seriousness include high body temperature, general malaise, and the rotten smell from the mouth.
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