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Severe Tooth Pain Treatment in Cedar Park, TX
An agonizing toothache is a very unpleasant event that always occurs out of place. It can quickly destroy all your plans, interfere with your work, sleep, eat, and generally spoil the mood. The problem requires immediate treatment, but to understand which one, you need to understand the reasons for its occurrence. Why does a toothache appear, and is it always associated with oral cavity diseases? Dr.Regina at Cedar Park Dental Wellness will give those answers.

Excruciating toothache usually occurs only in 2 circumstances, first, with pulpitis (inflammation of the tooth's nerve). It happens when the patient has not cured caries, and there comes a moment when the carious cavity becomes so deep that the infection penetrates the tooth cavity and reaches the nerve. Periodontitis is the second circumstance. When the infection penetrates beyond the tooth, it forms a purulent periodontal abscess at the roots' tops. Such an inflammatory process usually occurs either due to pulpitis not cured on time or after poor-quality filling of root canals in the past.

Painkiller medications are not the best solution for severe toothache. They only help you delay your visit to a dentist, but in some cases, even a potent pain reliever does not help. Therefore, if there is extreme pain or a pronounced swelling or fever, it is worth getting immediate help from your local emergency dentist in Cedar Park, even on the weekend or at night. Luckily, in most cases, 10-15 minutes is enough time for a dentist to relieve you from suffering.

What are the consequences of not treating a severe toothache?

In most cases, the appearance of a toothache indicates the development of pathology. Even if the pain decreases over time or disappears entirely, this does not mean that the problem is gone. On the contrary, the disease can spill over into a more severe stage and require a completely different treatment. And it's not just about the condition of your oral cavity. The teeth are in the brain's immediate vicinity, and your digestive system starts from your mouth - imagine where the infection might go. In medicine, there are cases when ordinary caries were fatal. That is why it is necessary to take care of an acute toothache without delay!

Bad teeth also can make your body vulnerable to outside infections and viruses. It reduces your immune system response because your body throws resources to fight inflammation, thereby depriving other areas. As a result, a common cold, flu, or even coronavirus can instantly cripple the body.


When a toothache develops, you should seek professional help as soon as possible, especially since modern dentistry has all the resources to carry out the treatment quickly, painlessly, and comfortably for the patient. Unfortunately, most medical emergency rooms cannot treat dental-related issues, so it is always better to find an emergency dentist near you. Luckily Cedar Park Dental Wellness is one of few dental offices that offer 24 hour emergency service in Austin and the surrounding areas.