Cold Sore Treatment in Cedar Park, TX
Cold Sore is a viral skin disease that manifests itself in a bubble rash on the skin and mucous membrane. More than 80 types of such viruses are known, of which eight cause illness in humans. The most common is herpes simplex virus of the first type, which causes a bubble rash on the lips. Cedar Park Dental Wellness offers a modern laser method of treating manifestations of such Cold Sore virus.

What can trigger a cold sore?
Nine out of ten people are carriers of the HSV-1. Cold Sore virus enters the body through close contact, household items, as well as by air droplets. Carrying the virus is not a dangerous condition for humans. The human immune system produces specific antibodies that block the virus. However, the infection can sometimes reveal itself, and then bubble rashes appear on the lips, accompanied by itching and general discomfort.
Factors such as constant stress, hard physical work, significant emotional and mental stress, fatigue, and ultraviolet radiation can lead to the herpes virus's activation. If your body is weak, any oral injury can also provoke disease.

What are the stages of cold sore development?
  1. The first sign of the disease does not appear externally. You might feel some itching, tingling, or irritation on your lip.
  2. The disease's secondary signs show red, painful, and transparent bubbles with an inflamed base, which can merge.
  3. The third stage is the most painful. Inflamed bubbles burst and ulcers form in their place. This period is the most contagious for others.
  4. The fourth final stage is the healing of ulcers. First, they cover with a slightly damaged crust, and after a few days, the skin in the bubble area becomes normal again.

Laser against cold sore symptoms.
The Cedar Park Dental Wellness offers a modern way of treating herpes simplex symptoms with laser radiation. The laser allows to minimize and ultimately relieve the symptoms of herpes on the lips in 2-4 days.
Laser exposure destroys viruses by using tissue-safe waves.

The laser is effective at all stages of herpes development:
  • at the first stage, laser radiation helps relieve pain and reduce the intensity of rashes;
  • at the second stage, laser radiation allows to stop the further development of rashes, which leads to healing;
  • in the third stage, the laser relieves pain and reduces inflammation;
  • in the fourth stage, laser exposure leads to faster healing of tissues.