Restorative Dentistry in Cedar Park, TX
  • Overview.
Have you got missing or broken teeth? This where I help you to get your teeth to function back the way they suppose to.

  • Composite Fillings.
When cavities appear and still small enough to be treated with composite fillings, that is the usual way I treat them. I use materials that will last and carefully color-match to your tooth's untouched sections to achieve the most esthetically pleasing result.

  • Dental Crowns.
Depending on how bad your tooth is damaged, I might recommend a crown. To achieve the highest quality standards, we have all our permanent dental crowns custom made by our partner-dental laboratory.

  • Dentures.
I know a lot about dentures and how uncomfortable they could be if done incorrectly. I've fixed and replaced many, including my father's. Do you think you might need partial or full dentures? Let me show you what a difference between the dentures made the right way and those you might get in "Walmart-like" dental offices.