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Dr. Regina Yunusov and her team at Cedar Park Dental Wellness are proud to be the only General Dental Office in Austin using GentleWave technology for treating root canals.

Root Canal Therapy is traditionally an excruciating but necessary treatment to save a badly damaged natural tooth.
GentleWave Procedure, on the other hand, gives immediate relief by using ultra-cleaning technology, providing much better results in removing debris, bacteria, and tissue from damaged root canals.

The GentleWave Procedure is an advanced endodontic
innovation that provides unsurpassed cleaning and disinfection
of root canal systems.
• Minimally invasive protocol helps preserve tooth structure
• Provides optimal supply of procedural solutions throughout
the entire root canal system.
• Removes tissue, bacteria, smear layer, and biofilm.
• Usually, only one appointment is required.

What Differentiates the GentleWave Procedure FROM STANDARD RCT?

What Differentiates the GentleWave Procedure FROM STANDARD RCT?

The minimally invasive protocol of the GentleWave Procedure preserves more of the dentin structure of the tooth, helping maintain the tooth's integrity.

The GentleWave Procedure cleans the deepest, most complex portions of the root canal system and reaches into microscopic areas that standard root canal treatments often cannot.

With the GentleWave Procedure's effective cleaning and disinfection capabilities, there's less chance of failure over time.

What Differentiates the GentleWave Procedure FROM STANDARD RCT?
Video about GentleWave
Why GentleWave Procedure?
What makes GentleWave Root Canals so much better?

  • Little to no post-op discomfort
  • Single visit root canal in most cases
  • Fast healing rates
  • Cleans microscopic spaces that standard root canal treatments often cannot
  • The minimally invasive protocol preserves more of the tooth's dentin structure, helping keep it strong and maintain its natural function.

What is the GentleWave Procedure?

GentleWave technology utilizes a mixture of sound energy, fluid
dynamics and accelerated chemistry to clean and disinfect the
microscopic areas and complicated anatomies of the root canal system
while conserving natural tooth structure.
Based on our patient's experience and research, we believe there is no better way to achieve more predictably successful root canal treatments than with GentleWave.
Сompare the Results for Yourself
Standart Treatment
Standart treatment cannot reach all the way into the root canal
GentleWave Procedure
The GentleWave Procedure delivers unprecedented cleaning throughout the entire root canal system