Dentures in Cedar Park, TX
Your natural teeth are usually the best because they custom made for you by nature. And for that reason, any dentists' first objection is to save as many patients' teeth as possible. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to extract teeth. For obvious reasons, people want to replace their missing teeth, and we are here to educate and offer all the best options available.
When dealing with missing teeth, you can go with a fixed or removable prosthesis. Here we'll talk about fixed and removable dentures as one option to bring back your full smile.

When to choose removable dentures?

Patients are often unsure of what is best for them, removable or fixed dentures. The truth is that any option could be the right one for you, depending on your underlying health conditions. It is critical to seek advice from a qualified and experienced dentist. Dr. Regina can show you all the options modern dentistry has to offer, and she will suggest the one that will fit you the best.
Removable dentures are usually suitable in the following situations:
  1. When three or more teeth are missing next to each other.
  2. When the patient's remaining teeth are not healthy enough to hold the fixed prosthesis.
  3. When it is not clinically acceptable to prepare neighboring teeth for attachments.
  4. When patients are experiencing extensive bone loss.
  5. Individual characteristics of facial anatomy which does not allow for any other kind of solution.

At first, it is definitely an uncomfortable experience wearing removable dentures, and they require extra care, but they are also a lot less expensive. Modern-day dental materials can make the dentures look undistinguished from real teeth and bring you back the life experiences you've been missing.

Advantages of fixed dentures.

This modern dentistry approach to non-removable prosthesis has indisputable advantages:
  • Natural looks
  • Beautiful Esthetics
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Longevity
  • Comfort
  • No allergic reaction
  • Does not impact speech

Thanks to the above-mentioned positive qualities, fixed dentures became one of our patients' most popular choices. It works great for both full and partial dental prosthesis.

What is so special about fixed dentures?

Fixed dentures require a minimum of adjustment and maintenance because they securely attach to implants. It usually takes two or four implants to hold each denture, and it all depends on whether it is a full arch denture or a partial denture. Non-removable prosthesis on implants is one of the modern dentistry inventions that restore patients' oral health and functionality. It is high quality and easy to maintain solution to protect bone tissue from destruction and deformation.

How to take care of Dentures?

It does not matter which type of dentures you have; the rules here are the same. You still must brush, floss, and rinse your mouth twice a day with special toothpaste and mouth wash as with real teeth. This way, you will not only guarantee your long term oral health and fresh breath but also ensure that your new dentures and implants will last you a long time.

Do you want to achieve the best result and forget about missing teeth problems? Call your Cedar Park dentist for free denture consultation!