Dental Bridges in Cedar Park, TX
  • The traditional dental prosthetic bridge consists of at least three crowns, two of which rest on existing teeth, which have been previously grinded and freed from nerve endings. This method of treatment allows you to restore a missing tooth area quickly. Despite this, there are two drawbacks: - Installation of a bridge requires grinding of adjacent healthy teeth. - The jaw under the prosthesis undergoes rapid bone resorption since it receives little of the necessary load.

With these points in mind, modern dentists use bridges as a temporary method or when it is impossible to place an implant.

  • Adhesive bridge prosthesis is also known as Cantilever bridge and Maryland bridge. It is more gentle on the teeth than a conventional bridge since it is an independent crown placed using special bonding material. It does not require the grinding of adjacent teeth, but it is mainly used as a temporary solution since it cannot function as a healthy tooth.

  • Fixed prosthetics on implants also known as Implant-supported dental bridge. The method is considered the most effective. More than 95 percent of patients have confirmed this. The treatment is painless, and the result is aesthetically pleasing and functional. Now you can forget about the daily removal of the prosthesis, its adjustment, correction, breakage, etc. the following positive details were also noted:

  • The speed of the procedure.
  • Massive selection of prostheses.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Easy to correct and replace.
  • Natural aesthetically pleasant look.
  • Reliability.
  • Long-term performance.
  • No allergies.
  • Extremely comfortable
  • No effect on speech.