Root Canal Treatment in Cedar Park, TX
Endodontic therapy is a serious task, even for the highly skilled dentist. After all, even a tiny mistake during root canal treatment threatens patients with repeated inflammation and pain. Dr. Regina Yunusov's significant experience in root canal treatments and her continuing education make her among the most qualified professionals to perform such treatments.

In addition, Cedar Park Dental Wellness offers advanced and innovative equipment- in-house Cone Beam CT Imaging, digital x-ray, and apex locators, which allow us to carry out the treatment with maximum accuracy, without damaging the roots and leaving root tips.

Why do I need a Root Canal?

When pulsating and exhausting pain keeps you up all night, you would rarely raise such a question - the pain brings people to the dentist's office, where they are usually left with only two options: to treat canals or extract teeth. If you are not super attracted by the opportunity to wear acrylic dentures at old age, it is better first to explore the first option.

Dental Prosthetics could also be among the reasons for root canal treatments. With developing tooth decay under the prostheses, painful sensations arise, crowns and bridges can loosen and fly off. Getting to the pulp after prosthetics is more complicated - the dentist has to remove the installed structure altogether, and after the root canal treatment, you will need a new one.

Nowadays, only a small percentage of crowns are placed over "live" teeth. It is better to undergo a root canal treatment procedure than to endure the discomfort and pay twice.

How Root Canals is done?

To eliminate the risk of re-infection of the cured tooth, the dentist needs to remove the root, clean the cavity, and fill the canals. This complicated procedure is carried out in several stages and, depending on the number and structure of root canals in the tooth, it could take anywhere from 25 minutes to 3 hours.

Canal treatment stages:
  • X-Ray and Cone Beam CT Scan to evaluate the number and the structure of the roots;
  • Anesthesia and access to the canals;
  • Removal of the pulp and cleaning of all the cavities;
  • Washing of the channels with antiseptic solution and sealing.


A tooth that needs root canal treatment can cause its owner unexpected problems. He may not show any symptoms for a long time or offer all the acute inflammation signs: pain, swollen gums, etc. Even if there are no inflammation symptoms, the infection can seriously damage the bone surrounding the tooth, and you can lose your tooth.

Root Canal is a complicated procedure that requires experience and implementation of modern dental technology, which, on the other hand, drives the cost excessively high. That is why we created one of the most affordable options for those who don't have dental insurance to cover the out-of-pocket dental expenses. First-time root canal treatment in our Cedar Park dental office starts at $399. And most importantly, the quality of the treatment is always maintained at the highest level. Seeing our patients smile is the primary measure of our work!